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Frond's Book Nook

Our Literature Corner

Hello! My name is Frond and I am the daughter of Fern and Douglas Fir. After having recently graduated college with a degree in ancient literature, I was delighted to receive an offer from my parents to host the Fine Arts department at the Tacky Tree Company. As I pondered my commission, I wondered what I could bring to the company. I finally decided that what I had to offer was polish. TTC already had all the essentials, they just needed to know how to best utilize them. It is my purpose, therefore, to try and bring a little class and panache to the huddled masses of our little community. You cannot imagine what satisfaction it gives me, at the end of the day to know that I have helped to make the world a more beautiful place for poor lost souls.

I think that words are beautiful. Indeed they are a precious gift and one of the first things that God gave us, His children. John 1:1 states that "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God!"

One of my favorite things to write, in my spare time, is poetry, for I believe it to be the language of the soul. One must of course recognize the worth of poetry in our society, why, when one cannot feel it, their lives must be as dull and spiritless as an oyster's! My family indulges me in my passions and pursuits, but I have often had course to feel, as Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen, "I could hardly keep my seat! To hear those beautiful lines which have frequently driven me wild, pronounced with such impenetrable calmness, such dreadful indifference!" Who can help but feel this affliction when, upon hearing read a particularly touching piece of verse, those around you have not the depth and sensitivity to feel it with you and have passed it off as a mere flight of fancy. Since I have recently been published, however, think that they are more disposed to think kindly of my efforts in this field. Indeed the rave reviews which my scribbling has received, must I believe, do something to lighten the score on that point, at least. I of course do not pretend that I am an accomplished writer, but my friends do say I know how to write a poem.

If one of my favorite things to read is poetry, then the other must, most certainly be prose. I find that a healthy dose of prose now and again helps to keep one from getting too sentimental or weepy eyed. In my opinion, the writers of the early nineteenth century were wonderful in their craft of describing to us the world that they lived in. Eliot, Austen, Scott, the Bronte's, all were proficient in their art and have done their part to banish boredom from the human race for all time.

With permission from the operators (where necessary) I have included here, a few of my favorite links, on the internet. These have to do either with literature, or multimedia pertaining thereto. Enjoy!

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