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The Tacky Tree

 Our Roots

 How The Tacky Tree Company Came To Be

The Tacky Tree Company was born one cold afternoon in December, 1995. As we (Fern and I) decorated our family's Christmas tree, we realized what a unique collection of ornaments we had and thought of the joy they had brought us every year during the Yule season. We thought that if we could bring just a little of this happiness to others, our lives would not have been lived in vain. It is for this reason, therefore, that we started our company, naming it "Tacky Tree" after our own tree at home. Since these humble beginnings, we have expanded our company to include not only Christmas ornaments (unique, handcrafted in the United States) but also accessories, home decor, and literature. Tacky Tree is, after all a home business, family owned and operated for all these years, and that is why we feel our products are simply the tops in their class.

Tacky Tree headquarters are located right in our hometown of Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We do not, however have stores open for business. The TTC is purely a mail order company, catering, especially to the needs of students, away from home, either in college, or other ministry trips. We flatter ourselves that we provide a useful service, making otherwise lonely hours, fun-filled.

Many People have asked about our mascot, Floyd. Floyd came to us during one of the many hurricanes which Florida is subject to. When the weather cleared he decided to stay and make his home with us. It must be understood at this point that at no time was he coerced or bribed into staying, but has chosen, of his own free will to remain our faithful and loving pet.

As our acquaintance with Floyd grew and developed, it became apparent of the great need in our society to understand and appreciate these beautiful birds. If only we could be more like flamingoes, how simple our lives would be! Fern and I decided to propagate our ideas by opening a plastic lawn flamingo factory (for plastic flamingoes, not plastic lawns, though we do have some of those in FL.) However, Florida being as it is, we soon realized that we were only one of many who had had that brilliant idea and we were forced out of business, selling off our stock to low-rent motels and apartments. It was at this sad time that we were struck by the inspiration for Tacky Tree, and have been sitting pretty ever since. It is our goal to make Floyd the Flamingo the most recognized animal since Rex the Wonder Dog.

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