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The Perfect Way To Add Panache To Your Day

The Tacky Tree Phenomena, now known as Bride-in-a-Box, was created for a dear friend of mine on the occasion of her birthday. Every on knows the trials of having to come up with a unique and charming gift for someone dear. However with Bride-in-a-Box, I feel that we have created a gift which keeps on giving.

Bide-in-a-Box fills a great void in society as, many girl who is strapped either for cash or time yearns for the wedding of her dreams. We all have learned from the most unfortunate experiences of that lovely young lady form New York who frightened off her lover with too many wedding preparations. It now seems that in order to catch AND land your young man, that elopement is the best way. No fuss, no mess. The sad part is that several young women, for whom the bell has at long last tolled merrily, have confided to me that though the quick, painless, "Las Vegas" way may be best for connubial bliss, it has dashed their girlish fantasies to pieces on the rocky shores of the beaches of life.

At last! Now you can have the best of both worlds! Quick and easy, yet chic and snappy. For our model collection we've chosen a dramatic theme of black and white, crowned with a splash of color. Our sample bride was passionately fond of the ocean, so we've incorporated her own color scheme into the ensemble with hints of sea blue as her contrasting color. Tempered with a tasteful mixture of flowers (Silver- for the permanency of love; Evergreens- for the lasting freshness of your affection, blooming new every day; Lilies- for purity; Poinsettias- may you never forget a holiday; and finally Roses, in profusion: Black- may you die to self in order to live more fully as one; White- may your love bloom strong enough to weather Life's storms, and cast you unscathed upon the sandy beaches of eternity; and Blue- may your love bind you close that you may never fell melancholy, or sad.),lace, ribbons, hearts, paper twist(send for an idea sheet on how to best decorate with paper twist, only $1.00, U.S. funds only) and, of course, the only fabric which could ever deserve a place at a wedding (remember, with out a stunning dress, Cinderella would never have caught her prince........fine feathers make fine birds!)tulle.

I know that you will be as thrilled with these new features as I have been. The Bride-in-a-Box Sampler includes: Wedding veil (in fingertip and blusher lengths, your choice of colors), Groom's boutonniere, Bride's bouquet, Attendant's bouquet, Earrings (designed specifically for us, to complement the veil), and Attendant's headpiece.

All this for the low cost of $14.95, plus shipping and Handling! Order now, and remember to specify your color preference.

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