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Fern's Fashion Pavilion

Fern here, to welcome you to her House of Style. My mission is to uncover and display the clothing and accessories so vital to everyday living. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single woman, possessed of a large fortune, must be in want of her own sense of style. At Tacky Tree, my job is to help you with that mission. An ancient Chinese proverb states that "Every person in the world is walking around with an invisible sign that states,'Make Me Feel Important'!" What better way to distinguish yourself than by creating a unique fashion statement that is personally yours. With our products, you can achieve this goal.
Most of my time is spent in the accessories department, creating one-of-a-kind earrings and other baubles, however should something special come across my desk, or should a customer request help in creating a distinctive outfit for a special occasion, I am more than thrilled to comply. For many years, my job also included the housewares department. However, with so many things to do and create in both areas, it was thought by both Doug and myself that it would be expedient to hire a professional for this area. This past year we did hire a woman renowned in her field to take over housewares. Her name is Mavis Stewart, and we look forward to many "good things" from her in the future.

One of my favorite things to do in this world is plan weddings. That is why our newest department is a dream come true for me. It is called Bride-in-a-Box. Bride-in-a-Box is a way for all weddings to have that personalized touch that every girl dreams ofRose whether she is wed in St. Paul's, or a Justice of the Peace's office in Las Vegas. Every bride should have the delightful opportunity of choosing for her self the color scheme of her own wedding. No girl wants a generic, off the shelf wedding, any more than she wants a generic, off the shelf dress. It is our desire, here at Tacky Tree to be sure that every girl has the chance to have the wedding of her dreams. After all, If you are going to do something once, you'd better be sure that you do it right!

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