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Floyd and Friends

From the Desk of Douglas Fir

President of the Tacky Tree Company

I have been president of the Tacky Tree Company for nigh unto six years now. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee us coming this far. Not only have we divided into multiple parts (Home Decor, Fashion and Accessories, Multimedia, Holiday ware) we are now embarking on a new journey into the universe of the World Wide Web.Where this will take us is anyone's guess, however I feel that the sky is the limit! Few of us realized, that first Christmas what an impact Tacky Tree would have on our lives.

For those of you out there wondering what we do, here in our mobile office in a lovely trailer park in Ft. Lauderdale, Utopian Springs, the answer is really quite simple. Our goal at Tacky Tree is to bring a smile to your face. Whether we accomplish this through a silly surprise in the mail in the middle of a boring week, while you are homesick at college, or through a package a Christmas bursting with cheer and unique handmade decorations, our goal stays the same.

There are only a few rules to playing the Tacky Tree game, you must have a Sense of Humor and an eye for the absurd. Oh, yes, and then there's our motto: "Never pay more than a dollar, {unless it is something really special with which you simply cannot do without, like a plastic Santa face for your door that plays loud Christmas carols and has a flashing red light in it's nose}"). The object of the game is to have fun and to share it with someone else.

We chose the Pink Flamingo as our logo, in honor of the many that we can see around which seem to delight the general populace, and with which they decorate their yards, creating a singular effect. The Flamingo is indeed named Floyd and in affectionately known as Floyd, the Easter Flamingo, as that is the time of year in which all the little flamingoes pitch in, to help out the Easter Bunny, down here in Florida (I hear that in Maine they have Easter Moose, and in Alaska, children hunt for eggs left by the Easter Lemming).

I do hope that you enjoy your visit with us, and we look forward to parceling you at Christmas.
Tacky Tree
"Remember, I'm not only the President of the Tacky Tree Company, I'm also a client!"