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Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice: A Plot Sequel

For this sequel, we began with Lady Catherine's funeral, some eight months after the marriage of her nephew. We will try to keep to the outline that Jane Austen gave her brother, and will begin by giving family and then personal histories. So far we do not have a title or opening line though we do have suggestions ( It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of [an estate/wife/heir/child] must be in want of a .......)

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Darcys Bingleys Wickhams Collins
The Darcys           The Bingleys               The Wickhams             The Collins'
Bennets Gardiners Anne Georgianna
The Bennets                   The Gardiners                 Anne               Georgiana       
Colonel Caroline Louisa Mary
The Colonel                   Caroline                     Louisa                 Mary       
Kitty Maria
Kitty                 Maria
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