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The Marriage of True Minds

As I ponder, at this hour,

(It's half past ten, in my bower)

I think of those, in great estate,

Who've died. And wonder at the fate

Happy Couple Of those who go,and those who stay.

Such games and jokes, life sometimes plays!

One who special comes to mind

Is Lady Catherine, good and kind.

I think upon this Lady's death:

"What happ'd to Anne, and all the rest?"

Misus Bennet shared the fate,

As we shall see, of Lady Kate.

Not twelve months aft her daughter's wed,

She was found of her nerves, at long last dead.

Bennet grieved, his daughters wept,

But as Ms. B was most inept,

At all but gossip and/or news,

Her death was mourned by only these few.

As if to lift from reverie,

Of a life spent pitifully,

Lizzy begged him, "Come at once,

To Pemberly, for weeks, or months!

We'll cheer you up if any can,

We'll have a party ~ invite Anne!"

What Anne deBourgh lacked in spark,

She made up for with Rosings Park!

What a gem! What a jewel!

An estate like that would make men drool!

And drool he did, for Mr. B

Was hard up, financially.

With Wickham to pay 100 a year to,

And dowries for the other two

Of his daughters not yet hitched,

Bennet's pockets felt the pinch.

He met Miss Anne, and liked her intensely.

Her quiet ways........her fortune, immensely!

"With Lady Catherine dead and buried,

What hinders us from getting married?"

He asked her with a gleam in his eye.

She answered softly with a sigh,

"Darcy's wife I'll never be,

But son~in~law he'll be to me."

A quiet wife, content, unfrilly.

A relief it was that Anne wasn't silly!

As silly wives go, he'd had a plum,

"If only Anne wasn't so glum."

"A son", he decided, "is what we need

To cure the Collins' of their greed.

A cheer to me in my old age,

A boon to Anne to lighten her days."

"What's this you tell me, what's this you say,

You say I'm a father again today?

Twin boys?

Oh joy!

Glad tidings ring!

Now I've no lack for anything!

Not two you say, but sons of three?

A triad, a triune! Oh my! Oh me!

Oh thrilling ecstasy, I'm giddy with glee!

What will they say at Pemberly?"

At Hunsford, however, there was no joy,

Only sorrow, deep sorrow, over the three small boys.

"The oldest for Rosings, the second for Longbourne"

Were Mr. Bennets musings that morn.

"Eureka!", he cried, with a smile on his lips.

"When Collins hears this, ten pounds says he flips!

My third small son, a rector shall be.

The Holy Orders were deigned for he!

No more at St. Steven's Will Collins shall rule,

I'll send him away, that blithering fool!

India or Australia would be about right,

If I had my way, he'd be leaving tonight!

The sooner the better, you never can tell!

He might like the tropics. I'm sure he'll do swell.

His letters, I hope, will be frequent and long,

They do give me pleasure. Don't get me wrong!"

The Collins' went packing, with no hope of estate,

However to Will, fortune was great.

He left for the sea, on a swift Man~O~War,

As chaplain he'd joined the Marine Corps.

His fortune was made, and battles were plenty,

Opportunities great for turning a penny.

So as we close this charming chapter,

You see, of course, a happy ever after.

Of all our friends both near and dear,

As they meet their ends, let's give them a cheer!

Huzzah! Huzzah! We'll cry all at once,

With our fists in the air for added punch.

11:30's the tale my clock tells,

An hour in the telling, I now bid thee,


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