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Since it's first announcement, the only actor confirmed on this project was Rachael Leigh Cook (One can only assume she would have been playing Catherine.) With the new production team and the switch from Hollywood to Made for Television, it is sure that the cast will contain some new faces. Who would you like to see?

Who would you like to see as Henry Tilney?
Got ideas for the rest of the cast? Let me know! I will try and obtain pictures to post! :~D
Click here to see your suggestions so far...

Characters still needed are:
  Catherine Morland
Henry Tilney
General Tilney
Mrs. Allen
Mr. Allen
Isabella Thorpe
John Thorpe
Eleanor Tilney
Frederick Tilney
James Morland
Mrs. Thorpe
Mrs. Morland
Mr. Morland
Ioan Gruffudd: A popular choice for Henry Tilney

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