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Merry Christmas

from the sunshine state

Well folks! It's been quite a year and once again it's my privilege to wish you happy holidays. Whether you are celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas, or the miracle God performed in the days of the Maccabee's with Chanukah, the family ties of Kwanza or the revelation to Mohammed with Rammadan, we here at Tacky Tree hope that your days are happy and memorable.
Memorable may not be the right word to use in this instance, perhaps. Why I well remember the year Aunt Sycamore accidently mixed a bag of rocks her little sprout had been saving up with her currents when preparing her famous fruitcake. It wasn't that bad and we wouldn't of noticed (there are usually more than a few broken teeth when Aunty S. serves up her cake) but that junior happened to see a pile of his treasures sitting on the plate of the relative (I've forgotten who it was) opposite him. In an effort to reclaim his precious stones, he reached across the table, inadvertantly tipping over a candle onto one of Fern's hand crocheted tableclothes. You can imagine the panic that then ensued! I myself was rooted to the spot Frond quickly doused the inferno with the water from a nearby pitcher, but in so doing sent the rather precarious table it was sitting on over tumbling into the base of our 40 foot Scotch Pine, Christmas tree. The tree crashed to floor sending hundreds of hand blown, imported, glass ornaments hurtling downwards only to be stopped short by the floor and landing in piles of delicatly hued shards all over our handwoven Persian carpets (specially designed with the Fir coat of arms in the center, surrounded by a bevy of frollicking Flamingoes, not that it matters). It is indeed fortuitous that one of our relations had the foresight to yell, "Timber", warning others of the impending disaster and giving them opportunity to duck before the tree actually hit "terre firma".
From that experiance, we have learned a valuable lesson. From then on, we decorated out indoor tree exclusivly in Tupperware. Sure, it's not as glamorous or sparkly but a quick coat of silver spray paint takes care of that and they are so useful afterwards, why we never lack for storage containers, and it is nice to have at least one matching set of dishes in the house! Anyway, perhaps memorable is not the correct word, but certainly not dull!
As it is the season for giving, try and think, perhaps of something you can do this holiday season to make things a bit brighter for those less fortunate than you. Going to the relative's for Solstice? Try bringing a hostess gift of matching Tacky Tree Co. mugs or perhaps some unique and festive earrings. Know someone away at school who would love a reminder that they are not totally forgotten by their nearest and/or dearest? A cheery holiday doorknocker might be just the thing! Especially if it is battery operated with a light up nose and carol playing capabilities!
Remember also, this season, while you are with your family and friends, who makes this happy time possible. Take a quiet moment during your celebrating to thank God for His most wonderful gift of all. His son Jesus Christ, who was born in a small, dirty, smelly stable, "because there was no room for them in the inn." "He came that we might have life, and that, more abundantly", "that whosoever believes on HIM shall be saved."

Doug, Fern,
Frond, Fraser, and the little sprouts!

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