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Prices of Officer's Commisions

This print of an Officer of the 14th Light Dragoons displays the 'new' uniform of 1812.
The following is a table of the prices paid by Officers of the Army for their respective Ranks. The amounts clearly reflect the relative status held by the various branches of the service. Ensign is the lowest rank held in the Infantry, while Coronets served in the Cavalry. In some Regiments, such as the Fusiliers, the lowest rank was a "Second Lieutenant," with a purchase price of 450.

RANK Horse Guards Dragoons Foot Guards Infantry
Lieut.-Colonel 4950 4982/10/- 6700 3500
Major 4050 3882/10/- 6300 2600
Captain 2950 2782/10/- 3500 1500
Lieutenant 1350 997/10/- 1500 550
Ensign/Coronet 1050 735 600 400

NB: When an Officer wished to purchase a promotion to the next level of Rank, he would pay the difference. For example, an Ensign of the Regular Infantry, having already paid 400, would only pay an additional 150 to purchase a Lieutenancy worth 550

The illustration above shows an Officer of the 14th Light Dragoons and displays the 'new' uniform of 1812.

Jason Everett has been a re-enactor since 1982 with a group representing a red-coated Canadian regiment of the War of 1812. For the past five years he has been its Commanding Officer. Other interests include Modern Ballroom, and Regency Country Dancing.
Military Re-enactment Society of Canada / Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada