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"We certainly do not think it as a whole, equal to P.&P.- but it has many & great beauties. Fanny is a delightful Character! and Aunt Norris is a great favourite of mine. The Characters are natural & well supported, & many of the Dialogues excellent.- You need not fear the publication being considared as discreditable to the talents of it's Author."
~Francis William Austen~

Mansfield Park
*Jane Austen's most dramatic narrative with the largest cast of characters of any of her stories, including the smart and spirited heroine, Fanny Price. ...A Mirimax feature film [opening NY/LA 11/17, all else 12/25 1999, MPAA PG-13]... Mansfield Park exhibits Jane Austen's great comedic wit and her genius as a historian of her times.
When Fanny, a young woman from a poor family is sent to live with her wealthy cousins at their estate, Mansfield Park, the family hopes to assure her a position in society. But Fanny has her own firm principles and ideas about love. It isn't going to be easy for her to fit into "polite society", since she is not altogether sure she wants to, as she observes her cousins cast aside their scruples in dangerous flirtations. At first a meek outsider among her cousins in the unaccustomed elegence of Mansfield, Fanny grows into a beautiful woman whose strength of character and intelligence makes it clear to us why she was Jane Austen's own favorite among her heroines.
From "Talk Mirimax Books, Fall 1999"

Cast Photo
  Photo Courtesy of the Hartford Courant, 11/28/99 pp.G9

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*Disclaimer! The plain text (not italicized or bold face) is directly from the Mirimax book. I know it contains inaccuracies, but that is their fault, not mine :~D